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An Affiliate of OAUG

About the Geo/SIG


The ORMB SIG was founded in the year 2015 for ORMB users worldwide to:

  • Establish a network of contacts and experts outside and within Oracle
  • Create a forum for sharing best practices and lessons learned
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas
  • Influence Oracle’s focus on future strategic trends in Revenue Management and Billing
  • Provide input into new functionality development and design validation
  • Align business requirements and issues to present Oracle with strong industry desires for future releases


Our mission is to create a forum that represents the interests of Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) users worldwide in:

  • Securing the optimum use and ongoing development of the Oracle RMB product
  • Providing users the opportunity to enhance productivity, maximize investment through education and dissemination of information
  • Influencing the quality, usability and support of ORMB product and
  • A platform to network, share issues and solutions

Focus Areas

The ORMB SIG shall focus on the following ORMB solutions:

  • Oracle Revenue Management and Billing for Banking
  • Oracle Revenue Management and Billing for Payment Processors
  • Oracle Revenue Management and Billing for Capital Healthcare Payers
  • ORMB Analytics
  • Reporting tools such as BI Publisher
  • Integration tools such as ODI
  • Bill printing/presentment application(s)
  • Payment systems

Benefit to Oracle Community

  • Assistance to OAUG members in understanding various aspects/challenges of ORMB solutions for their specific needs
  • Exchange of ideas/learnings from various customer engagements
  • Inputs to Oracle Corporation to help support these users better

Benefit to ORMB SIG

  • Provide direction for ORMB SIG worldwide, define charter, establish medium and long-term goals
  • Assist in activities to attain defined goals
  • Help enlist more members/sustain the ORMB SIG

Benefit for ORMB SIG Members

  • Excellent forum to express ideas/personal experiences
  • Help provide your customers better solutions to business problems
  • Personal learning and opportunity to network

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