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1.1 Name.
(a) The name of the Special Interest Group is Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) Application and Analytics Special Interest Group.
(b) The Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) Application and Analytics SIG may be abbreviated as ORMB SIG.

2.1 Charter/Purpose.
(a) General Purposes.
The general purpose of the ORMB SIG is to inform and educate members on the current and future functionality of Oracle Revenue Management and Billing solution, while offering a forum to enable ORMB users, subject matter experts, system integrators, business development and influencers located across geographies to come together and share a common platform in order to exchange ideas, discuss constructively and benefit the ORMB community.

(b) Specific Purposes.
Within the context of the general purpose stated above, the mission of the ORMB SIG is to create a forum that represents the interest of Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) Application and Analytics users worldwide in:
(i) Securing the optimum use and ongoing development of ORMB solution.
(ii) Providing users the opportunity to enhance productivity, maximize investment through education and dissemination of information;
(iii) Influencing the quality, usability and support of ORMB solution;
(iv) A platform to network, share issues and solutions;
(v) Present feedback from the user community to Oracle Corporation

3.1 General Membership.
(a) Membership is open to anyone with an interest in ORMB.
(b) Membership dues are not required.
(c) Each membership may be reviewed by the board of directors.

4.1 Maintaining Affiliation.
In order to maintain its affiliation with the OAUG in good standing, the ORMB SIG will:
(a) Provide the OAUG with properly completed SIG Affiliation forms and membership lists as required;
(b) Promote OAUG membership and ongoing relationship development between group members and the OAUG;
(c) Maintain a current copy of the by-laws posted on the OAUG-approved website platform
(d) Maintain current OAUG memberships for all Board members

5.1 Leadership Team.
The Leadership Team will consist of the following officers, each elected for a one-year term: SIG Coordinator/Chair, Co-SIG Coordinator, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator.

(a) SIG Coordinator/Chair: The SIG Coordinator will function as the Chairperson for this group and as such is an important representative of the group as well as the OAUG. This role will lead the direction of the ORMB SIG, recruit the leadership team, schedule the ORMB SIG Board conference calls, produce an agenda for all the ORMB SIG Board conference calls and publish meeting minutes. The SIG Coordinator will also serve as the facilitator of the ORMB SIG meetings at Conferences or delegate this role to another member if the SIG Coordinator cannot attend.

(b) Co-SIG Coordinator: The SIG co-coordinator will coordinate the Key note and guest speakers for the ORMB SIG meetings at Conferences, communicate presentation opportunities to the ORMB SIG members, and assist with paper selections for the Conferences.

(c) Marketing and Social Media Coordinator: The Marketing and Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for all marketing activities for the ORMB SIG meetings at Conferences including coordination with vendors and all arrangements for any ORMB SIG meeting receptions. The role will be responsible for increasing and maintaining the SIG membership, provide membership e-mails as required for other Board members, and coordinating announcements to the ORMB SIG members.

5.2 Additional Leadership Roles. Additional Leadership Roles can be added as the SIG expands or responsibilities increase. Additions will be defined by the Leadership Team as required.

5.3 Removing Leadership Roles. Leadership Roles can be removed as responsibilities change as defined by the Leadership Team. Leadership roles can only be removed or reinstated by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

5.4 Elections. Members interested in Leadership positions must declare their candidacy by March first of the calendar year. Should more than one member volunteer for a position, a vote will be held during the SIG day meeting at the annual OAUG conference. In order to provide stability to the Leadership Team, elections for positions will be held as follows: Odd Calendar Year: SIG Coordinator/Chair and Co-SIG Coordinator; Even Calendar Year: Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. All positions will begin on July 31 of the elected year.

5.5 Vacancies. In the event that a vacancy occurs by reason of death or resignation or dismissal, said position shall be filled by appointment of the SIG Coordinator/Chair for the balance of the term.

5.6 Dismissals. Dismissals from the board will occur due to lack of leadership meeting participation, lack of participation in SIG events, lack of response to emails, or missed deadlines as determined by majority vote of the Board of Directors present at any regularly called meeting at which there is a quorum. Should a quorum not be met in any three consecutive regularly called Board meetings, the Board members present will be considered a quorum in order to allow the organization to dismiss members, fill vacancies, and return to normal operation of the organization.

6.1 SIG Coordinator/Chair Operational Responsibilities.
(a) The SIG Coordinator/Chair of the ORMB SIG is responsible for reviewing, following and meeting all the requirements for documentation, meetings and others as outlined by the OAUG Geo/SIG Committee for all SIGs as stated in the Geo/SIG Manual.

(b) The SIG Coordinator/Chair of the ORMB SIG is responsible for determining and planning for meeting all requirements necessary to obtain the Certificate of Distinction Award as outlined by the SIG Committee.

(c) The SIG Coordinator/Chair of the ORMB SIG must attend the mandatory SIG Committee conference calls for SIG Leaders. The SIG Coordinator/Chair may request another board member attend on his/her behalf. Such requests for attendance by delegation must be made 5 business days prior to the SIG Committee conference call. The SIG Coordinator/Chair must have a confirmed delegate in order to not attend the mandatory conference call.

(d) The SIG Coordinator/Chair of the ORMB SIG must conduct at least one leadership meeting (one per year/annual) in each calendar year. The only exception to this requirement is due to personal emergencies or illnesses. The members of the board will assess the personal emergency or illness and determine if the case is eligible for the leadership meeting schedule exception. If the SIG Coordinator/Chair of the ORMB SIG does meet these requirements, the Co-SIG Coordinator of the ORMB SIG will request a meeting with the board and upon approval by the board will assume the role of the SIG Coordinator/Chair. Within 30 days, the newly appointed SIG Coordinator/Chair will then appoint a new Co-SIG Coordinator.

(e) The SIG Coordinator/Chair of the ORMB SIG must attend at least one major conference (Oracle OpenWorld or Collaborate) each calendar year or appoint a delegate from the board to lead the SIG meeting at the conference.

6.2 Conference Passes.
(a) Conference passes that are designated for the SIG are to be used by current SIG Board Members only. The conference passes cannot be distributed to others that are not currently members of the board. The conference pass is to be used first by the SIG Coordinator/Chair. If the SIG Coordinator/Chair cannot attend the conference or does not need the conference pass due to receiving a pass as a speaker or other means or not attending, the pass will be offered to other board members. The SIG Coordinator/Chair will first offer the pass to the SIG Co-SIG Coordinator, then to the other members of the board if the Co-SIG Coordinator does not need the pass or cannot attend.

These by-laws can be changed by majority vote of all members.

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